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30 Day Challenge – Song Challenge

1song you like with a color in the title“Black Betty” Ram Jam“I Saw Red” Warrant“Raspberry Beret” Prince“Diesel Blues”
2song you like with a number“1st of the Month” Bone Thugs“One in a Million” Ne-Yo“Two Tickets to Paradise” Eddie Money“Top 1 Percent” EC3
3song that reminds you of summertime“Lovely Day” Bill Withers“Thong Song” Sisco“Cruise” Florida Georgia Line w/Nelly“Hey Bro” Matt Riddle
4song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget“Truly Madly Deeply” Savage Garden“Fuck You” Cee-Lo“Know What It’s Like” Everlast“Here Comes the Money” Shane McMahon theme
5song that needs to be played loud“Kickstart My Heart” Motley Crüe“Pour Some Sugar On Me” Def Leppard“18 and Life” Skid Row“Enemies” Shinedown
6song that makes you want to dance“Smooth Criminal” Michael Jackson“Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” Wham“Cant’s Stop the Feeling” Justin Timberlake“Worlds Apart” Sami Zayn
7song to drive to“Bawitdaba” Kid Rock“Who Will You Run To” Heart“Here I Go Again” Whitesnake“Cult of Personality” CM Punk
8song about drugs or alcohol“Roll it Up, Light it Up” Cypress Hill“Whiskey Fever” Dorothy“Alcohaulin’ Ass” Hellyeah“Beer Money” Tag Team intro
9song that makes you happy“Good Day” Nappy Roots“Good Time” Owl City & Carley Ray Jepson“Ridin Roads” Dustin Lynch“Alexa Bliss” Bowling for Soup
10song that makes you sad“Mad World” Gary Jules & Michael Andrews“Through the Ghost” Shinedown“Angel” Sarah McLaughlin“Force of Greatness” Nia Jax theme
11song that you never get tired of“Safety Dance” Men Without Hats“You Make My Dreams” Hall & Oates“Bye Bye Bye” N*Sync“Glorious Domination” Bobby Roode theme
12song from your preteen years“Good Vibrations” Marky Mark“Jessie’s Girl” Rick Springfield“Blame it on the Rain” Milli Vanilli“Original RAW Theme”
13song you like from the 70s“Bustin Loose” Chuck Brown“Magic” Pilot“Dream On” AerosmithAWA All Star Wrestling Theme
14song you’d love to be played at your wedding“Bring the Swag” Street Profits“Perfectly Perfect” Simple Plan“This is it” Scott McCreery3 ladies themes
15song you like that’s a cover by another artist“Master of Puppets” Van Canto“Beat It” Fall Out Boy“King of Pain” Mudvayne“Recognition” Charolette Flair remix
16song that’s a classic favorite“Build Me Up Buttercup” The Foundations“Every Breath You Take” The Police“Lean On Me” Bill Withers“I Won’t Do What You Tell Me” Stone Cold
17song you’ll sing a duet with someone on karaoke“Regulate” Warren G & Nate Dog“You’re the One That I Want” Grease“Time of My Life” Dirty Dancing“Hey Hey” Miz & Morrison
18song from the year you were born“Let My Love Open the Door” Pete Townshend“I Want You Back” Jackson 5“Baby Come Back” Player“Ric Flair” Tom McGuire & the Brassholes
19song that makes you think about life“Scream at the Night” Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band“The Dance” Garth Brooks“Ironic” Alanis Morissette“Judas” Fozzy
20song that has many meanings to you“Seasons of Love” Rent“Praying For Time” George Michael“Come Undone” by Duran Duran“No Chance” Vince McMahon
21song you like with a person’s name in the title“Minnie the Moocher” Cab Calloway“Rosanna” Toto“Oh Sherrie” Steve Perry“Macho Man” Village People
22song that moves you forward“Retro Funk” Persèphone“Get Up” Shinedown“Determined” Mudvayne“New Day, New Way”
23song you think everybody should listen to“But I’m Old Now” Spose & Cam Groves“September” Earth, Wind & Fire“Bohemian Rhapsody” Queen“Kingdom” Downstait (Cody’s theme)
24song by a band you wish were still together“Pop” N*Sync“Dreams” Van Halen w/ Sammy Haggar“Bulls on Parade” Rage Against the Machine“Special OP” Shield theme
25song you like by an artist no longer living“P.Y.T.” Michael Jackson“Careless Whisper”. George Michael“Billie Jean” Michael Jackson“Piper’s Theme”
26song that makes you want to fall in love“Fooled Around and Fell in Love” Elvis Bishop“Through the Fire” Chaka Khan“I’ll Make Love to You” Boyz II Men“Golden Goddess” Mandy Rose theme
27song that breaks your heart“Mama” Boyz II Men“I Will Not Say Goodbye” Danny Gokey“Nothing Compares 2 U” Chris Cornell“Bringin’ Da Hood T U” Cryme Tyme theme
28song by an artist whose voice you love“Glory” John Legend & Common“Not Strong Enough” Apocalytica w/Brent Smith“Per Te” Josh Groban“Time to Play the Game” Motörhead
29song you remember from your childhood“I’m a Believer” The Monkees“Kung Fu Fighting” Carl Douglas“We Built This City” Jefferson Starship“Common Man Boogie” Dusty Rhodes
30song that reminds you of yourself“Return of the Mack” Mark Morrison and “Craig” Stephen Lynch“I’m Awesome” Spose and “Be Good Johnny” by Men At Work“Dull Boy” Mudvayne and “My Name is Jeff” by Endigo“I Don’t Suck (Really)” Kurt Angle and “Here’s to Us” Halestorm

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