Takedown: Episode 12 – Our Irish Buddy Rian from Hallway Wrestling Podcast Joins the Show


This is an episode that will go down in infamy folks.  Thanks to his warrior mindset of no sleep needed, Rian from the Hallway Wrestling Podcast joins the Triad this week on the show.  It was so much fun to have him on and we cover so much throughout the wrestling world.  Of course we get into the WWE “fun” of Extreme Rules so we can make some decisions who the winners are.  We chat some NXT and how it was fallen down in our opinions but can still be saved.  AEW and why they have been doing it better and even some IMPACT talk as well.  But that’s not even scratching the surface of all we discuss.  The Good Brothers truth telling podcast, Adam Cole putting on his angry eyes for Pat McAfee show, and why is it that WWE just hasn’t been as good recently.  Plus even more that we honestly can’t remember today because there was a lot of show drinking. 


Make sure to follow Rian and the Hallway Wrestling Podcast (that he co-hosts with kickass Kieran) on

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