Takedown: Episode 9 – Brick, Hanson, & Magic


After being a part of #PodcastBlackout last week (which you should definitely go back to listen to that episode to see why), your Triad has returned with an all new Takedown this week. And we have a lot to cover.  WWE has started to turn into a snooze fest for us all, but what can the company do to save itself.  We have some ideas.  Plus tons of praise for AEW and all they are doing right.  The winner from our NXT: Takeover In Your House Pick ‘Em Challenge is announced, and it might surprise you who it is.  Plus we give our picks for the upcoming WWE Backlash coming up this weekend.

Don’t forget to do all you can to make sure we make fools of ourselves via slap chops to the chest.

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As mentioned in this week’s episode, be sure to check out The Culture Connection http://www.thecultureconnection.org

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