30 Day Challenge – Song Challenge


That’s right folks.  We told you that more content besides wrestling chat would be coming and this is one of those shows.  During certain months, your Triad of hosts will be doing various 30 day challenges across all of our social media platforms and want to recap those challenges at the end of the month. 

For the month of May, your boys did the 30 Day Song Challenge.  Where every day had a different theme and you had to select a song for it.  Now we each chose our own personal pick but we also collaborated and selected a T3 show pick as well.  

Hope you enjoy the different content.  Make sure to follow us on all the socials to see how these challenges play out each and every day. Because interacting with our fans about their choices is half the fun!

Also, listen to the amazing playlist of all this music on Spotify



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hotline: 202-556-4433

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