Takedown: Episode 8 – Cody Rhodes, Friend of the Show


THIS is a big one T3 fans. And by big one, we me absolutely HUGE. Your boys, the Triad, got a chance to interview the one and only Cody Rhodes. That’s right.  The American Nightmare himself, Executive Vice President of AEW, and inaugural TNT Champion took time out of his day to sit down with us and chat about it all.  We discuss what it was like to be the first to win that championship, how it felt doing a DDT directly in front of Jake the Snake, and also important topics like Star Trek.  You can skip ahead to the 35:45 mark if you want the interview alone (be on the look out on our YouTube channel for video of that interview coming soon). 

But there is plenty of other great content too.  Your Triad talks all about AEW’s Double or Nothing with highs and lows of the show.  How WWE seems to finally be changing for the better on tv.  And our opinion on whether certain talent needs to leave WWE far behind.  Plus, who won our Pick ‘Em Challenge for AEW’s event continuing on with Phase One of the challenge.

Be sure to send us all your questions, comments, and discussions to our mailbag segment, TripleTBag@gmail.com

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Thanks to DCW50, Washington’s DC CW Network for providing us the opportunity to interview Cody.  Be sure to follow them on all the socials as well  

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