T3 Podcast Network

T3 Podcast Network

Theories. Thoughts. Talk

The podcast network that has all you will ever need. We may have started a little network on the heels of something we love, professional wrestling. So that is the content that you will always have a weekly basis.

But we now will offer so much more. From shows that include celebrity chef interviews and intense food debates to shows that give you all the useless news and knowledge you could ever want. Recipes, games, articles, and more. T3 Podcast Network will be your stop for any and everything.

Takedown: Episode 16 – Wrestling with Issues The T3 Podcast Network

Your boys are back and EVEN better than you remember.  John & Craig sadly return Ref-less for one more week but do what they can to stay the course.  Of course, without The Ref to control them, tangents galore happen. Sure WWE and AEW are talked about.  Including the draft, upcoming Hell in a Cell & Halloween Havoc, and even the present state of women’s wrestling.  But we also talked Halloween costumes, our childhoods, and the real reason that Jeff the Ref didn’t make the show. Thoughts and prayers.Don’t forget about those much loved 5 star ratings and reviews on whatever podcast listening app you use.Follow & Contact Us:twitter: @T3NetworkFB/IG/Tik Tok: T3 Networkweb: http://www.T3PodcastNetwork.comemail: TripleTBag@gmail.comhotline: 202-556-4433
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