T3 Podcast Network

T3 Podcast Network

Theories. Thoughts. Talk

The podcast network that has all you will ever need. We may have started a little network on the heels of something we love, professional wrestling. So that is the content that you will always have a weekly basis.

But we now will offer so much more. From shows that include celebrity chef interviews and intense food debates to shows that give you all the useless news and knowledge you could ever want. Recipes, games, articles, and more. T3 Podcast Network will be your stop for any and everything.

Takedown: Episode17 – Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now The T3 Podcast Network

Ya boys are back in town and have A LOT of opinions.  And you're going to hear them whether you want to or not.  Discussions from all over the wrestling world.  We discuss WWE, AEW, women's wrestling, Halloween Havoc, Full Gear, Mustafa Ali, MJF & Inner Circle, and so much more.  Join in on the fun and listen to us try to stay on topic….spoiler alert. We don't.   twitter: @T3Network FB/IG/Tik Tok: T3 Network email: TripleTBag@gmail.com web: http://www.T3PodcastNetwork.com hotline: 202-556-4433
  1. Takedown: Episode17 – Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
  2. Takedown: Episode 16 – Wrestling with Issues
  3. Takedown – Episode 15: Bashin' the Clashin'
  4. Takedown: Episode 14 – Don't Call it a Comeback
  5. Takedown: Episode 13 – We Do Discuss Wrestling At Some Point…We Swear

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